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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Create a Custom Navigation on Blogger

When Blogger changed their dashboard and how you manage their pages, I can assure you that you weren't the only one confused. I had to spend about an hour figuring it out. However it is now all set up and ready to go. Here is the latest update on how to create a custom navigation for your blog on Blogger.



<a href="INSERT WEBPAGE/WEBSITE URL HERE" target="_blank"><img alt="Me" src="INSERT IMAGE URL HERE" height="30" alt="INERST NAME OF THIS BUTTON" style=”float:left; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;” /></a>

Copy the above code and place below and then fill in the blanks for each subsequent button you have for your navigation bar. For full details, see the video.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Customize Your Background or Template on Blogger

Another reader request! Thanks folks for all the emails and helpful suggestions - they are what keeps blog notes hopping!

Today I did a video to show you how to customize your background or if you are feeling extra adventurous I show you how to download a template and upload it to your site. Next week I'll be talking about how to customize your navigation bar.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Manage Fonts & Other Things on the Dynamic Template

Michael, I said I'd do a video for you; as promised, delivered! Today I discuss fonts and other fun customization aspects of the Dynamic Template offered by Blogger. Enjoy this short video to learn more!

See you next week for more Blog Notes!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to the New Creative Space!

This New creative space is going to be dedicated to anyone who is interested in art. The content presented on this blog is not about building a business but about the joy of discovering creativity. Over the next days and couple weeks, I will be working with guest bloggers to bring this site online and also bring you great projects, interesting articles, product reviews, interviews and more.

If you are looking to build your art business or for advice on blogging, never fear, this information has just been moved to a new blog on the ARTcademy website HERE

For those of you who might be confused about the change, here is the scoop! As an artist myself, I know there are no boundaries to my creativity. However, I realize that some people just want to be creative and then have a day job. Some people dont' have any desire to build a business, sell what they make or create an empire. That might sound silly, by to be honest, there are creative things I enjoy doing that I'd never sell. So, I decided that giving artists who want to do art for the fun of it a space to interact and chat it up with me, was a good idea. No to mention, I'm bring in on some amazing and talented Blog Hostesses that will here to give you some awesome content regularly.

So that's that. Nothing too complicated - just direct and straight forward.

If you need anything, make sure you reach out via the Contact Us link in the top right corner of the page. Looking forward to exploring the depths of your creativity with you.

See you soon,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

True or False? "Facebook is the Best Place to Advertise Your Product or Service"

What do you think about this statement? Here are my thoughts on the matter - please feel free to look at this argument, disagree, agree, pick apart or reorganize it. This is not about having the right answer, it's about thinking about this argument and how you feel about.

My Observations

Facebook at approximately 1.2 billion users as of January 2014 and still growing. It is the fastest growing and largest social network around and in my option one of the better places to advertise your business. However, there is a big caveat - if you are trying to get organic traffic, entice people through posts on pages or interactions on group pages, unfortunately you are are throwing time out the window. To make Facebook work for you and your business you MUST invest in your business and advertising.

You should think about it this way...

You have an awesome thing to tell people about. In fact, you have a beautiful site, great products and amazing copy but if no one knows about it then you will never sell anything. You have to tell your target audience about what you have to offer, what you do and how they can benefit from your products or services. How do you do this? Marketing! Marketing is basically a way for you to share your message with a bunch of people you may or may not know so they can buy what you offer.

So back to Facebook...

How can Facebook be a successful marketing tool for your business? Easy, you have to hand over the money. As Mari Smith, one of my most favorite public speakers and experts on Facebook believes, Facebook is where it is at but we have had it good for a long time - the free ride has come to an end (just like it did with Google) and it will make everything work better in the end.

So, what do you think?

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